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            I’m Trisha Eleyae a Fashionista who decided to turn her Passion for Fashion into income.

I love helping other fashion lovers do the same.

Shopping is fun! but getting paid to shop is more fun.

Before I use to spent my hard earned money buying fashion accessories ( shoes, bags, wristwatches, belts, jewelries, clothes, etc). enriching billion dollars fashion companies, but not anymore

Now I have my own fashion home business and I get paid to shop and wear products from my E- Mall.  I enjoy helping and supporting other fashion lovers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs from all over the world start their own fashion home business, Generate Leads, and make infinite residual income.

YES! Global Fashionprenures. This is not your everyday fashionprenure, but rather  a unique kind of fashionprenue.

We are a community of Fashion Lovers and Entrepreneurs  who Dresses Well, Look Great and Get Paid.

We also have our own Fashion Home Business/ Online Business with a fully stocked E- mall that is managed for us, so we don’t worry about keeping stock or shipping.  

You too can become a Global Fashionpreneur

Already a fashionpreneur? that’s awesome you are one step ahead!  

Trisha Eleyae

Trisha Eleyae

Fashionpreneur, Business Coach

Fashion Home Business

I help fashion lovers start their own fashion home business where they can launch a fully stocked fashion website (E- Mall) and get paid to wear and promote products and accesories from their E-mall.

Lead Generation

I’ll show you how to genrate targeted leads to help you grow your home business. First check out Lead Generation SOFTWARES.

Fashion Bloggers

I help fashion blogger get acess to designer brand products and also generate residual income with their blog.

Exclusive E-Mall

Please click on SHOP to chceck out my Excusive E-mall. Sign up for a FREE VIP account and recieve a $100 Gift Certificate

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